Frequently Asked Questions


Do all of my team members need to come to this site and sign up for ManagedMissions?

Not at all! Once you've set up your account, you can invite team members or create a mission application to allow signups. Each person will have their own username and password but they don’t have to sign up for ManagedMissions or pay for it in any way.

Is my data secure?

ManagedMissions is hosted in a Tier 1 collocation facility. Our site is encrypted with SSL encryption to keep your data secure. Credit card information is not stored in ManagedMissions, it is passed directly to the payment processor.

What web browsers work with ManagedMissions?

We fully support Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox 9 and higher, Safari 5 and higher, and Google Chrome 16 and higher. We strive to provide at least minimum functionality to older browser versions, but as a non-profit we need to best steward our resources and ask that you upgrade if you are able.

Does ManagedMissions integrate with my existing system?

Due to the wide variety of accounting, donor management, church management, etc. softwares used by the many organizations that use ManagedMissions, we are not able to build automatic integrations with external systems. We do however provide import/export functionality and an API which can be used to build your own integrations and processes for sharing data between ManagedMissions and your other systems.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

We do, however we do not make it available for general support or sales questions. As a small non-profit organization, we need to be as efficient as possible. In order to do that, we limit support requests to email because they are much more time efficient for us to handle.

Can I schedule a call/online demo to check out ManagedMissions?

As a small organization we do not have the resources to give personal demos to all of our potential users. We highly recommend checking out our latest webinar or signing up for a free trial to determine if ManagedMissions will work for you.

We're a big organization, can ManagedMissions handle lots of trips?

Of course. ManagedMissions is used by some of the largest churches and missions organizations in the country. Many, such as Food for the Hungry, Young Life Expeditions, and Willow Creek Community Church, send over 50 trips/year. ManagedMissions has great features for managing a high volume of trips, including multiple levels of access/responsibility, trip cloning, and groups to organize your trips by geographic region or ministry.

Do I have to use your Online Donations to use ManagedMissions?

No way! ManagedMissions is first and foremost a full-featured missions tracking and management system. Online donations are a great addition, but if you just want to use our awesome core of management features you totally can.

What if I still have questions?

We're here to help! Just drop us a line at . We're ready to answer all your questions!


Is the free plan really free?

Yes, you can use all of our management and tracking features on up to 5 trips completely free.

If it's free, why do you have a free trial?

During our free trial, you'll have access to every feature ManagedMissions has to offer, including our Premium Features and as many trips as you need. When your trial ends, you can choose the plan that's right for you, including the free plan.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

Sign up today and we won't bug you for payment for 30 days! Get access to all of our great features today with no commitment. Just click "Get Started".

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

What is an Active Trip?

Any current or upcoming mission trip managed in ManagedMissions is considered an Active Trip. Each plan tier allows you to have a specific number of active trips at any time. For example, if you sent out 15 trips in the winter and 15 more in the summer you might be able to utilize a 15-trip plan which allows for 15 Active Trips. (So long as the next 15 mission trip teams are formed after the conclusion of the previous 15).

Am I locked into a specific plan once I sign up?

Nope, you can change it at any time. Simply click on the "Account Admin" tab and select "Upgrade my Account".

Online Donations

What Payment processors can I use for Online Donations?

ManagedMissions supports online donations through Stripe, Vanco and Pushpay.
To learn more about Pushpay you can visit the product page by clicking here.

Can I use my own payment gateway?

ManagedMissions is not currently adding more payment processors, however you can use our URL redirect feature to connect ManagedMissions public profiles to your own giving pages.

Does ManagedMissions work with Canadian currency?

Yes. With Stripe you can choose to process your contributions using Canadian dollars or US dollars.

What are the transaction fees for Online Donations?

ManagedMissions does not charge any transaction fee for Online Donations. Each payment processor charges a fee. For example, with our special pricing Stripe charges only 2.2% + 30¢ per transaction.

How do contributions get deposited into our bank account?

Transaction are processed directly by your payment processor account. ManagedMissions never holds the funds, so they are available to you directly through your payment processor.

Are check contributions sent to ManagedMissions as well?

No. ManagedMissions can be used to keep track of check contributions received, but checks for team member trips should not be sent to ManagedMissions.

How are donor receipts/year-end statements handled?

ManagedMissions sends a customizable email to each donor who gives an Online Donation to one of your trips. ManagedMissions does not send out year end statements for online or offline contributions tracked in ManagedMissions. ManagedMissions makes all contribution data available for export so you can properly send receipts and/or year end statements.

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